Travel Advisory

Air Travel and the internal last leg of the journey : Fly in to OR Tambo International, the main airport of Johannesburg. Mostly, flights will arrive in the morning. From here, one can either fly into the new KMIA (Kruger Mpumulanga International Airport) or take take a scenic 5.5 hour drive .

Cell Phones

It is highly recommended that you activate your cell phone for voice roaming or at least for sms (text) roaming, which is usually inexpensive.


For the outing to the Kruger Park game reserve, you will find it very rewarding to have an excellent set of binoculars (something like 10×50) and a good camera with a zoom to 300 or 400 mm.


The Conference venue is in a malaria area. Anti-malaria prophylactics are recommended for visitors going to Kruger Park. There are several types, and for some types of medication, the course should start a few weeks in advance of your visit. It is also possible to not take medication, but to follow certain preventative measures. The preventative measures involve the use of insect repellent lotion or spray for the evenings and mornings, the wearing of clothing as recommended below when outside at these times, the use of mosquito repellent coils or vapours overnight in the bedroom and sleeping under mosquito nets. Frequent and longer term visitors usually choose the preventative measure alone. This is a very personal decision. Consult your family doctor about the measures you would like to take.


For early mornings and late evenings, in case there are mosquitoes, one normally wears full length trousers and long sleeved shirts, light safari colours. If you stay longer than the Workshop, and you may participate in a bush walk, then of course, sensible closed shoes are required. In the heat of the day, you can adjust to more relaxed attire.

Porters & Tipping

Please note:  The official porters at OR Tambo International Airport wear orange and black uniforms and badges. They work for tips.  A tip of R5 to R10 per piece of luggage is acceptable for porters.
A 10% tip is standard in restaurants. Tables of over eight people often have an automatic service charge added to the bill.
In some shopping areas, uniformed attendants will either take a fee or offer to mind your car for a tip.  It is not obligatory to tip an informal ‘car guard’ for services rendered. If you choose to tip, that is permissible, but informal guards are not allowed to ask for money, either before or after the service is supplied. A tip of R1 to R5 is acceptable